Blend of Flavors and Adrenaline - Where Running and Wine Create Unforgettable Experience!

28. 09. 2024.


START 11:00 h

Harvest, Press, Bottle - Every Sip from Zupa Hides a Story!

Zupa, the homeland of Prokupac and Tamjanika, inspires many while being the ultimate purpose for others. A region that has been attracting visitors for centuries with its extraordinary nature, unique climate, vineyard-covered slopes, rich cellars, friendly people, and warm hosts.

The breathtaking views of endless vineyards and surrounding mountains have captivated numerous souls, while a glass of wine from this region offers an unforgettable experience for all senses.

Wines from Zupa are a tribute to its land and people!

Serbian Champagne

That's how the French consul Decaux recorded in his diary when he first visited Zupa in the distant year of 1904.

From Neolithic Culture and Medieval Traditions to Modern Wineries

Zupa, a gentle valley in central Serbia, nestled between the magnificent mountains of Kopaonik, Zeljin, Goc, and Jastrebac. It was here, over 7,000 years ago, that a settlement of the Neolithic Vinca culture thrived, and some of the most impressive divine figurines from that period were discovered.

The medieval fortress of Koznik stands as one of the best-preserved fortifications in Serbia, commanding a dominant position high above the Rasina Valley, the villages of Brus, the foothills of Kopaonik, and the Zupa of Aleksandrovac. Today, it continues to captivate visitors with its rich cultural and artistic events, as well as numerous hiking and adventure tours.

Participation fee

The harvest season is crucial in viticulture, and similarly, the timing of your registration for the Zupa Wine Run is equally important.
Choose a harvest that fits your budget and secure your spot on the starting list.

The registration fee includes:
- Tastings at refreshment stations and the mini fair
- Official race T-shirt
- Race bib
- Finisher's medal
- Gift bag
- Souvenir
- ​Catering at refreshment stations and at the race finish point


15 EUR

For all complete registrations until
July 14, 2024.

Includes everything that the registration fee entails.